Monday, October 6, 2014

Evoking Trust and Curiosity With Your Story

It's not a secret that the best coaches and marketers use stories to sell themselves and their services. Some resistance can show it's ugly head when we talk about developing your story. Why would anyone want to hear my story, it's boring, I'm embarrassed to share, etc. Let me share the deeper reason the pro's use not just their personal story but stories about their customers.Stories have to be the easiest way to evoke trust and curiosity to attract new clients.Stories also:Stir people's emotions
Assist in the selling process
Increase rapport
Relax your customers with humor and connectionRegardless of how you decide to connect with your new clients, the most important connection tool you have comes down to telling good stories. I share stories for so many reasons, but my favorite reason is to show my clients that I am human as well. So they can relate to where I started, where I have been and where I am headed.I'm going to share with you how to incorporate your stories. Even if you think you don't have much to share I promise you that you do. I want to share with you that stories can be used for so many things, not just personal your story, but those of your clients, and even family and friends. One of my most powerful stories that connect me to my clients, is the one where I share that there was a point a couple of years into my business that my husband asked me to go back to work. He saw me working crazy hard and not getting anywhere fast, plus he knew that I could make great money if I just went back to a corporate job. Family and friends try their hardest to protect you from the unknown. People can connect with this. The pressure was on, it would have been very easy for me to just go back to work and give up my dream completely.If I would have gone back to work at that moment I wouldn't have experienced what I call the tipping point to my success. In just a short two months from when he asked me to quit, I made my first $5,700 sale, then $6,700 then $7,500. 2 of them paid in full. It was very emotional, very moving for me. It was a game changer as well on how I teach my students to leverage their own business.Stories allow you to connect with your clients at a much deeper level but, but the #1 reason they purchase from you is based on emotion. Your story, your content, must stir some emotion (good, bad, happy) or no one is going to be moved to take action. When they are moved to take action, this is when they'll buy a good "stuff" that you offer.There are so many limiting beliefs around people not having enough money. It's an overused excuse that you may even be giving to your clients or allowing them to give up their power by saying, "Oh they just don't have any money." I want to point out that this is just an excuse as well, a smoke screen for their real problem. If someone wants something bad enough, they'll find the money to purchase it. It's your job to assist them with this. (That's another module for another day!)If you can evoke enough emotion and connect your client to the experience they desire, they'll do anything to purchase what you have.Stories also allow people to connect with you because many times your story will show your vulnerability.Communicate your story effectively and people will remember you. This is how you stand out amongst others in your field of expertise. It's part of your Unique Brilliance.Where can you fit in stories to build your business? 1. When you set the appointment2. When moving your client into purchasing3. Creating rapport4. When handling objections5. When asking for referrals6. And, most of all when you are sharing the benefits/results of your serviceWhat stories should you tell?1. Tell your personal story2. Tell your company story - why/how it developed

3. Tell stories of your happy clients4. Tell stories of clients who chose not to buy from you and now regret itHow to use stories:A great way to weave the stories into your content, website and teleseminars is bylabeling your stories. What I mean by this is this:This is where the client/customer was before they worked with me.
Here is the challenge they had ________
The service/product they purchased was ____
These are the results they have produced ______
By producing these results they have been able to ______ (Benefit of the benefit)Example of weaving a story into your sales talks:[Overcoming Objection Story] - Let me share a story about a client I worked with that had the same concern you do.
[Problem] - When I met ________ as a healer, she had a resistance to sales. She was just kind of wing it and honestly avoided it as much as possible.
[Action took -She purchased my Passion, Purpose & Profits program and dived in deep to the Connect & Serve selling section.
[What she experienced] -By being involved in the program, she overcame her resistance to sales. As a result she was able to more than quadruple her sign ups, and double her pricing making connecting and signing her clients fun and transformational.
[Result] - As a result of improving her sales skills, she was able to leverage her business, pay for her first LIVE event and move into a new home.There are many different types of stories, here are just a few:Handling Objections: Let me share a story about a client I worked with that had the same concern you do.
Rags to Riches Story: Read my personal story on my website for a great example
Story to address an objection: My client Sherry used to think that she couldn't afford coaching, but soon found out that "I can't afford it" is just an excuse for an underlying deeper fear. This is what she did to overcome...Let's talk about developing your personal story:Your personal story magnifies the power of you as a coach. "Look how far I've come!"The problem with this is that if you are not connected with your story and how powerful it is, it can come across pretty boring, which means that people can tune you out. You want to capture their attention and intrigue right from the get go.If you don't have the full attention of your guests or listeners, they may end up missing out on a big opportunity for you to help them. Your story will also connect you and your prospective clients at a much, much deeper level.Crafting your story in a way that is not only complimentary, but empowers you and creates a connection to your client is a vital piece of your marketing and is much bigger than you just sharing a part of yourself. It evokes trust and curiosity within your clients.Share your personal story and tie in the solution to the pain, paint them the rainbow, but don't give them a pot of gold. Customers are savvy people, if it's too good to be true, they'll know, so stick to what you know and just remember you only have to be one step ahead of your client to grab their hand and lead the way.I go into crafting your story in a much deeper way within my Passion, Purpose &Profits course, but this should give you a great start. Just remember, every time you speak to someone, get testimonies and comments.Have a breakthrough session, send an email instantly thanking them and ask for their experience. This is how you begin to build more stories for other areas of your business.Enjoy telling stories for anything and everything to grow your business!!

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