Thursday, October 30, 2014

7 Marketing Reporting Metrics That Really Matter

Marketing data reporting is one of the newest and most effective areas in the field of marketing. Through analytics, massive amounts of information can be gathered. It can be specific to any aspect of a channel, such as location, time of day, device, clicks, and keywords. That data can then be pulled into a variety of reports to indicate the health of the overall marketing campaign, or a specific channel. It is made even more efficient by using organizational tools, such as software for a marketing dashboard, that allows easy and regular views of all results. While the reporting can be robust and answer a number of questions, there are key metrics that have a bigger impact on the company, and should be monitored more closely. Learn a few of those options, so they can be implemented today.1. Cost per leadThe way to find the cost it took to get each lead in a determined period is a fairly simple method for marketing data reporting. First, determine the total expenses it took to bring in all leads, through all advertisements, salaries (including commissions and bonuses), overhead, and marketing costs of a particular time period. Then, divide that number by how many new clients were gotten in that time period. The cost per lead lets the company know how much they've invested in each new lead for the year.2. Total conversionsTypically, the term refers to the number of leads that entered the company as a new customer that made a purchase. However, it can also be narrowed to reflect the success of a specified campaign, such as one targeted at increasing the mailing list, or to increase usage of a social media site. Marketing data reporting can be used to track a variety of project sizes. Tracking total conversions is important to know the success of the campaigns.3. Conversions attributed to marketingThe ability to provide quantifiable results for the efforts of a marketing department are essential to any business owner or Marketing Director. The number of marketing conversions is typically an accurate indicator of how effective marketing methods are.

4. Customer retentionCustomer retention is important because it means a high return on investment for the company. Marketing data reporting proves that the initial time spent to attract the client and acquire their business is paid down and earned over again through repeat business that requires minimal effort from the marketing team.5. The value of each customerIt is necessary to determine how many and what kinds of customers to target. A customer's value is the estimated sum of all the revenue they will generate over the course of your relationship. It is good to have an understanding of your average, top, and low, customer. With that information, the marketing and sales team have a better understanding of how to structure their efforts when working for a conversion.6. Total visits to a websiteAn effective and healthy website should be the biggest focus of any business. Too much of today's business is gotten or lost due to a website. A smart, easy to navigate, and pleasing design can mean a lot of time and money, but the likely return on that investment is high. Website optimization, integration of key search words, and formatting for mobile-friendly use all lead to increased sales through the website.7. Project ROIEvery single activity by the marketing department has a cost and a return. The goal is to track those numbers through marketing data reporting, so that attention can be put on those things with a high return and less time spent on the sometime necessary tasks that have a low return. With metrics built into each project, the ROI can not only be tracked, but with real time reporting, immediate changes can often be made to increase the effectiveness and decrease the cost.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Can Product Managers Be Too Clever When It Comes To Pricing?

How much does your product cost? I'm willing to bet that you have a price sheet / guide somewhere that took a big effort to create. You probably had to study the market, study your customers, and study what the other guys were charging in order to come up with your prices as a part of your product development definition. Once you had done this, you then had to get a bunch of people to approve your prices. Whew - finally you were done, the prices were set in stone, and you moved on to other things. However, is this really the best way to price your product?A Better Way To Price A Product - The Uber ModelSo let's think about pricing for your product for just a moment. What would the best way to do this be? We all know about supply and demand. The more that customers want a product (think snow shovels when there is a big snowstorm forecasted), the more that they are willing to pay for it. Every product has a similar model. Your product is probably more desired by your potential customers at different times of the day, week, month, or year.Given this knowledge that your product becomes more desirable at different times, shouldn't you be adjusting your price? Wouldn't you want to raise your prices when customer demand goes up and lower them when there is less customer demand? For that matter, what would your customers think about this? Get this right and you'll have something else to add to your product manager resume.Uber is a relatively new service. They provide a free mobile application that anyone can download. In a big city, when you need a ride from one location to another, all you have to do is to use the mobile application to request a ride. When you reserve a ride, you pay using your mobile phone so there this no need to pay the driver. Very promptly a car will show up for you. You'll end up paying roughly 1.5x what you would pay for a standard taxi ride, but you don't have to hail a cab - your ride comes for you. Needless to say, Uber offers a product that is very popular with their customers.Problems With The Uber ModelNow the thing about taxis is that although people may not like them that much, they at least know what they are getting when they get into one. Taxies have existed for so long that they have become highly regulated. This means that it is always going to cost the same amount to travel from point A to point B.

Uber's pricing doesn't work this way. Instead, during events such as a snowstorm or on New Year's Eve after midnight, Uber's prices go up. Sometimes significantly - 8x in some cases. As you can well imagine, Uber's customers are not pleased about this. Uber points out that they need to raise their prices to make it worthwhile for their drivers to be out on the streets in these adverse circumstances. They also make the point that if you have a problem with their price, then don't use the service.From a product manager perspective, Uber has a publicity problem here. They are using supply and demand to offer dynamic pricing for their product. Customers are always going to complain when Uber prices shoot up. However, what the Uber product managers need to do is to start to educate their market. Sure, an Uber ride during a snowstorm might be very expensive; however, if somebody is using them to get a pregnant lady to the hospital during a snowstorm then the price might actually seem fair. Documenting stories like this and sharing them with potential customers will serve to balance the complaints the next time demand exceeds Uber's supply!What All Of This Means For YouPricing a product has always been a challenge for product managers. Price it too low and you are leaving money on the table. Price it too high and you won't be selling very many. All too often we have a habit of "setting and forgetting" our product's prices because they are too hard to update. Knowing how to set the right price for your product is a key part of your product manager job description.Over at the mobile application developer Uber, they've come up with a better pricing model. The cost of a ride increases when there are fewer cars on the streets: during snowstorms, on New Year's Eve, etc. However, customers who are used to fixed prices tend to push back when they see the higher prices.As product managers we want to maximize the amount of profit our company can get from our product. Incorporating dynamic pricing would be a great way to make this happen. However, we need to take the time to educate our customers so that they know what to expect.

Friday, October 24, 2014

7 Approaches To Create Activity On Your Website

Web. Business. Benefit. To completely coordinate these words into a fruitful uniting you will require activity and traffic. Each article you will discover about making your site or organization effective would dependably incorporate the significance of producing movement.In this way, we all realize that in the center of everything, activity is the most key thing to a fruitful web based business organization. Aside from guaranteeing that you have an extraordinary item to offer, and you have your organization's inner association well taken center of, it would be time to get to the bare essence of things, producing movement.In the event that you as of now have a site and you need to believe that you're not getting the movement that should be getting, then now is the ideal time to rethink. In the event that you are fighting in these extremely focused businesses, you ought to dependably be a venture in front of your rival, expanding your movement stream ought to have been carried out beginning yesterday.Timing is crucial, that is an old aphorism known to everybody. Yet with creating movement, you ought to dependably be on your toes and be a day in front of everybody. Never consider today and tomorrow as a beginning stage for making your site movement laden, it ought to dependably have been yesterday.To bail you out in creating more activity for your site, here are practically seven surefire approaches to expand your movement beginning from yesterday.1) Put resources into great promoting with web indexesGoogle's AdWords gives extraordinary publicizing plans that are genuinely mainstream and guarantees incredible movement. In spite of the fact that with this surefire approach to build your activity would cost some cash. While some would bashfully far from using cash to expand activity, it is basic for this situation to do so in light of the fact that AdWords is the top surefire approach to build your movement.You could see for yourself the achievement this web search tool publicizing routine has procured prizes for such a variety of organizations. Loads of site's peculiarity, these publicizing frameworks and numerous have marked on to procure the profits. Don't be deserted. Each penny is worth the trouble with utilizing Google publicizing.2) Trade or Exchange Joins with different localesWith trading connections with different locales, both of you will advantage from the endeavors both of you do to improve your destinations movement. At the point when one site characteristics an alternate locale joins, they could give each other the activity one site produces. The exertions are doubly valuable on the grounds that no doubts like both of you are attempting to create more movement. The more connections exchanged with more locales the more movement could be normal.

3) Use Viral ShowcasingViral showcasing permits you to spread the saying about your organization and item without any expenses or if at any point low expenses just. This is a showcasing technique that can be truly tricky; you can join your organization's name, item or connection to a certain media, for example, an entertaining feature, captivating diversion, an intriguing article or a tattle or buzz. With this technique, individuals get tainted with the innovativeness and amusement of the medium that they will pass it on to numerous individuals.4) Hunt and use legitimate catchphrases or decisive word phrases for your locales contentInternet searchers search for specific pivotal words that they would indicate on their results page. In doing in this way, having the right pivotal word and catchphrase expression is a high necessity in positioning in high in web crawler results. You could compose your substance or you could enlist somebody to do it for you.5) Compose Articles that can lead activity to your siteSubmit articles to destinations that would contain the same subject that your site bargains in. On the off chance that you offer auto parts compose press discharges and articles about autos and auto parts. Connect your destinations portrayal and administrations toward the end of the article and also the connection.6) Join discussions and structure online groupsCatch a business and demonstrate your ability and validity. When you discovered a decent establishment for your site, individuals will believe you and your site and will pass on to numerous individuals their trust. Activity will be surely incremental in light of the fact that they realize that you can give what they require.7) In conclusion, Offer newsletters.In the event that numerous individuals recognize what you are about and your presence is imparted to numerous others, you will discover an unwavering movement that can furnish you with more activity by the proposal. In the event that you stir the interest of your clients they would be pushed to help you with your traffic.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Reasons To Hire A Professional Video Company

In case you are a company on the move, then you simply cannot do without hiring a professional for your videos. Even though inbound marketing has its own benefits, but there are certain things to be kept in mind while doing video marketing. The fact remains that a lot of videos are being watched all around the world, thanks to the Internet. And a bad video can be worse than no video for your business.Even though your employees may be good at making videos, but the fact remains that they would simply not have the professional equipment to do so. And there is no point in your company investing in expensive professional equipment for doing video marketing. After all, your company is not really a video marketing company and home made videos simply cannot compete against videos made by professional video equipment.Anybody can make out if a video has been shot by amateurs or professionals. In order to make a positive impact, make sure that your video has strong content along with impressive presentation and you know your product best. So you must make the content. And then you must hire the services of a video production company in order to convey the message across in a positive and effective manner.

There is much more to a video than just filming some action or people using a product telling about its features. It needs to be interesting, crisp and in the local language. In fact, you need to contact professionals to do the required editing and to add images, colours, movie clippings and so on. In fact, you may even need to translate your video in local languages in order to cater to a larger market. This means that video production is much more comprehensive than what you may have been thinking.For all these things, you would require professionals. Video marketing companies already have contacts and know people who have such skills. Once you are in touch with a professional video marketing company, you can be assured of getting all these services too. Hence what you would be getting in the end will be a complete finished product. So you will have to make no effort while you would be getting a completed end product. This will save you a lot of hassle and resources. It would allow you to focus on your actual business while you leave the video marketing with the professionals.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Marketing That Speaks From the Soul

As a change agent you need to express your ideas in a way that inspires others to take heartfelt action, whether purchasing your services, funding your invention or signing a petition to change the way things are done.How do you touch the hearts and souls of those you are meant to serve, in the midst of the information overload they experience every day? How do you stand out in the crowd while still honoring the integrity of your values?The answer is to bring forth language and branding that speaks from your soul.When your marketing speaks soul to soul, it acts as a lighthouse cutting through the fog with a powerful beam, sending your message directly to those who are called to the higher purpose of what you offer.Without the anchor of your soul, you often find yourself running up and down the beach trying to flag down the passing boats in a race against others with a similar message. Imagine instead the fulfillment of simply beaming your radiance with a homing signal to those who are qualified to receive it.How do you approach marketing from the soul?The first step is to be clear on the radiant qualities of your inner essence, the being aspect of your purpose. What transformative qualities do you bring to a room? Does the room get more peaceful, more playful, warmly heartfelt, full of clarity?These qualities inform a purpose-based brand so that the look and feel of your promotional materials and the tone of your language give others the same experience as if you were right there in the room with them.One of my clients discovered from her inner wisdom that her essence was "the warm glow of light at dawn." Choosing rosy pinks and golds for her website, she was thrilled that the colors felt just like her. In contrast, consider what someone with the essence of "the clear diamond of truth" might choose.Though it takes courage to step away from marketing trends and display the essence of who you really are, doing so serves as a powerful screening function. Those who do not resonate with your style will know it right away and not take up your valuable time.Next, clarify the unique transformational impact your offer or proposal will bring if your audience follows your call to action.In the second example above, the client with the essence of "the clear diamond of truth" discovered that she has the impact of cutting to the heart of complexity with the light of clarity and truth. This gave new insight into her work with organizations to create clear values and actions that align with these values.Notice the difference between the following positioning statements:

"We help clients identify core issues and then devise value-added solutions in an efficient and cost-effective manner."

"We cut to the heart of your complex issues and shine light on the core values that align your organization with its greatness."
The first statement is focused on routine problem-solving, and could be said by just about any firm offering values-based consulting. This positions the service as a commodity, where the lowest price is likely to win the contract.In contrast, the second statement expresses the essence of what my client's values-based consultancy does, with evocative imagery that inspires the bigger why underneath any organization's search for help. And, it's not just any imagery, but a metaphor which describes the unique essence of the consultant.

Putting it all together:Once you've clarified the essential qualities and the transformational impact of your offering, the last piece is to understand the "before" state and "after" state of the transformation.The "before" state is the condition, whether a challenge, curiosity or longing, that your audience is experiencing before they've been transformed by what you bring. The "after" state is the condition they experience having been transformed by your offer.For example, with the consultant we've been following, before her clients work with her they are feeling frustrated, stuck, and out of alignment. It's likely that there are mixed messages circulating in their organization, even competing projects, causing inefficiencies and lack of engagement.After they've benefited from her work, her clients are operating with not only clarity of vision, alignment and efficiency, they are engaged and inspired by the future as well.With this information you can speak to the heartfelt condition any prospective client, potential member or investor is living with before finding you. You can then paint the picture for them of how they will enjoy the shifts provided by your result.Call out to them heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul. Invite them to move from the discomfort of the "before" state and join you in the "after" state of your gifts.Here are two examples:~~~~~Public speaking with ease and impact in front of any group:Imagine standing in front of any audience, feeling absolutely at ease and enjoying their rapt attention.Whether you have public speaking anxiety or simply want to express yourself with greater clarity, Relational Presence and Relational Stillness practice at a Speaking Circle® program will guide you in effortless authenticity.~~~~~Do you feel called to increase your impact and play an essential part in the global shift that's emerging? If you're like most of us, you also feel a bit daunted at how to tackle this profound task.Even with success at living your calling, something larger calls you. You won't be satisfied until you embody the truth of your deepest wisdom, boldly touching more lives than you can imagine, and making the full impact that you are here to make. How do you fulfill this vision in the face of all the challenges that stop you?It's time to heal the wound of separation between your inner truth and your outer expression.Join with like-minded others at the Gathering for Change Agents, where by sharing a similar mission, we can accomplish much more together than any one of us can alone.~~~~~Once you take the leap to marketing from your soul, the results will reward you in ways you couldn't have imagined, and there's no going back.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

How to Stretch Your Association Marketing Budget

As the final quarter of the year approaches, it's time to take a look at your association's marketing budget.Are you on track to end 2014 as planned? Or are you trying to figure out how to make do for the remainder of the year?Here are three ways you can stretch your dollars while still getting fantastic marketing bang for your buck.Market More OnlineCompared to print, television and radio advertising, marketing online can be a budget friendly option. Google ads, Facebook ads, and placing ads on websites potential members frequent are all more wallet friendly alternatives to expensive full page print ads.Another benefit to internet marketing is being able to push your message to a highly targeted group. Internet advertisers allow you to segment your audience based upon demographics such as age, industry, interests, location, and more.Reuse and RecycleRecycling and reusing physical products is the Earth friendly thing to do. But have you ever considered applying this mentality to your association's digital assets?Sales presentations can be shared on Depending upon the licensing agreement, stock photos purchased for brochures or your website can make an appearance on social media posts. Notes or presentations from association meetings can be turned into blog posts or articles.

You get the idea. Make use of the information you already have available to you before spending time and money to create new items.Consolidate Your Service ProvidersYour association probably started paying for service providers one as a time, as needed. Does this scenario sound familiar?First, you created a website. Then, as the association grew, you paid for an email service to manage your newsletters and group emails. Next, members wanted to pay for dues online, so a shopping cart service got added. And finally, your association added the ability to RSVP to events via the internet.Now your association is functional, but there are so many different monthly bills to pay it can feel overwhelming.Using a membership management tool can be a real help for your association. Do your research to find a tool that offers all the features you are currently using. Membership management software services usually offer a complete suite of services your association needs at a price less than using multiple providers.Get your marketing budget back on track by using these three money saving tactics. Has your association adopted any of these ideas?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sales Funnels Advanced: Get Traffic Like a Boss

"Here's How to Get Traffic Like a Boss & Get a Ton of People to See Your Offers"You can have the best product in the world... you can have the best marketing funnel in the world... you can have the highest converting sales pages in the world...... but, if you don't get any traffic... you're most likely broke.We will be posting future articles to cover the finer details of each traffic generation method... so stay tuned.The traffic generation methods are as follows:Advertising - You have to pay to get your message seen. The advantage is that you can start an ad campaign and get traffic to your offers within just a few hours.Space advertising
CPM/CPA - Cost per thousand impressions or cost per action.
Google Search - When someone goes to search for something in Google, your ad will pop up.
Facebook ads
Magazine & Newspaper ads
Banner ads - the ads that are seen on various websites in different sections on the page. Look for words like "Sponsored by Google" or something similar.
Blog advertising
Email ads - You can rent someone's list or pay them to promote your message to their email list.Disclosure - Start with Google Search and learn world of advertising WITHOUT spending a few thousand dollars on an ad campaign. You can start with Google Pay Per Click and test out different ad ideas to see which one works the best and THEN graduate to a bigger campaign.Article Marketing - Write helpful and value filled articles and syndicate them online to raise awareness for your expertise and to generate free

Disclosure - Article marketing is a great way to generate SEO links to your site while getting high quality traffic. The websites listed above are all some of the highest traffic ranked and page ranked websites on Google, so to get your article on their front page means getting thousands of visitors to your website... for FREE.Press Releases/ Public Relations / Public Relations - Anytime that you launch something new or do something new with your business, write a press release and syndicate it
NewsWire.comDisclosure - The key to writing great press releases is all in the news-worthiness of your PR. An excellent book on this topic is "Trust Me, I'm Lying" by Ryan Holiday. Highly recommended.Video Marketing - Creating entertaining and value filled videos and syndicating them on video hosting
Vimeo.comDisclosure - Video is a quick traffic generation method. You can create and publish a video and within just a few hours, you can generate traffic to your website.Phone Calls - Make prospecting calls and send the prospect to your website for more information on your products and services.Business Cards - Put your website and any other credibility-generating links on the back of your business card and refer your prospects over to those links to help you with your sales process.Stay tuned for future posts that will go into the finer details of each of the strategies listed above.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

6 Disadvantages of Using Free Business Cards

The option to print free business cards is available these days. You can find free templates online, have them edited a little bit, and print them out to have copies of your business card almost instantaneously. But there is a price to pay. The disadvantages will be discussed in this article.Design and layoutOne of the most obvious disadvantages is evident on the design and layout. Cards that are free often have limited options available and you can only choose among templates that are already pre-designed. No matter how many templates are offered on the site, there is still a tendency that someone has already downloaded the same design you did. Worst, you may even share the same template with your competition. Thus, it is still better to create a unique and all-original one even if you have to pay for it.Paper and material usedAside from the design and layout, paper and material used also matter when it comes to the effectiveness. Free cards are often printed on a low quality type of paper or material. These are easily soiled and crumpled. In some instances, high quality material may be used but you won't expect exceptional finishing. Only professional printing services can items with matte, glossy, and smooth finish. You can also apply foil, spot, raised print embossing, and UV coating.Text and contentAs much as the design and layout are limited, the same applies to text and content. Predesigned layout only allows you to edit the text and content which are already pre-defined in the order and arrangement as they appear on the card. You can't create your own set of textual content according to what your profession or brand needs. You can't rearrange the layout as well.Professional and paid cards at least allow you the liberty to choose where specific text will be placed. These include your personal or company information, products or services offered, contact details, and more.Cost effectivenessMost users have the impression that using free materials is more cost effective since most printing services only charge you for shipping and handling. In some cases, it can even be offered completely free. But since the material used are of lesser quality, they may not even last long enough for you to distribute them. You may have to spend money again, whether it is for shipping and handling only, in order to have a new set at your disposal.

In terms of distribution, there's still no denying of the fact that free products are of lesser quality. As mentioned earlier, they get soiled or crumpled easily. This leaves an unfavorable impression on you or your company. You or your brand will soon be forgotten the moment that the cards are disposed of.Thus, it is still more cost effective to shell out money for original, professionally designed business cards made of high quality material. You'll discover that the long term result will be worth your money.Impression and attentionWhen it comes to first impressions, free items are not competitive enough when compared with high quality prints. Obviously, any potential customer will be impressed and will become more attentive towards cards printed with the best quality over those which are cheaply printed out.Most are not actually completely free. There is a corresponding cost which is often an advertisement at the back of the card. Your possible clients will be distracted by the printing company's logo or slogan. Their attention will be diverted from the card's actual content or the message you want to convey.Brand and professionIn relation to impression, free business cards do not offer a professional look for a personal card. Neither do they promote brand awareness for a company card since they are co-branded. High quality cards on the other hand can provide a professionally looking card with your personal brand or company's logo, slogan, mission, and other details prominently displayed.Business cards represent who you are as a professional or what your company is all about as a brand. Thus, it is important to make an impression by presenting only professional looking business cards made of high quality material, with original and attractive design, and enticing content which promotes your personal or company brand. All these advantages will prove that spending money over highly effective business cards will be worth it.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

What You Want!

I don't need any help! How many of you, as entrepreneurs, are still carrying this core belief? If you are, it's going to kill you and your business. Seriously.No one can succeed on their own. No one! But, if you were raised in a household anything like the one I grew up in, then I can totally and fully understand where this thinking comes from. I was always told to learn whatever I needed to know so that I could handle things myself.That was a very strong core belief of mine as I stepped into the world of entrepreneurship. And let me tell you just how difficult and lonely that made things for me in the beginning. My saving grace? Buying and reading the book, 'The Aladdin Factor' by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. It had been recommended to me by one of my mentors - and, while it has incredible content, the true value came from implementing what I learned.'Asking for What You Want' is one of the greatest lessons you'll ever learn says John Gray (who endorsed the book). I totally agree and, in this article, I want to give you some of the key lessons I took away and the impact they had on my business when it came to understanding the barriers to asking, how to ask and so much more."Ask, and it shall be given to you;Seek, and ye shall find;Knock and it shall be opened unto you. For every one that asketh, receiveth;And he that seeketh, findeth;And to him that knockethIt shall be opened.'- Matthew 7:7-8
BARRIERS TO ASKINGIn the book, it is explained that there are 5 barriers to asking - Ignorance, Limiting and Inaccurate beliefs, Fear, Low Self-Esteem and Pride. For me, the major barrier was Ignorance. As an entrepreneur, there were many, many times when I didn't know what I didn't know. I just didn't know what questions to ask! So, I started to hang around successful people and listen to their questions. I would watch interviews on TV and pay attention to the questions. I would listen carefully to my coaches and my mastermind colleagues - and pay attention to the types of questions they were asking. I believe asking good questions is a skill and one I want to get very good at. It's by asking questions that we learn. What is it you need to ask?
HOW TO ASK"Don't wish it were easier - wish you were better!" - Jim RohnIn the book, there are many different explanations on 'how' to ask. It all stems from what they reference as 'the ground of being' - for me, that translates into your intention What is it you want, exactly? How precise are you in your thinking? When you are clear on your intention, you stand in your confidence and you speak in clear language - chances are your request will be fulfilled. The second part to this is WHO you ask! You want to ensure (to get around that fear of rejection) that you are asking the people who can actually help you out. So, be discerning when you approach people with your 'ask'. It was interesting to me a number of years ago when I was approached by a representative of the local United Way - they were wondering why I had not participated in the fund-raising campaign. My reply? Simply. I told them that no one had asked me. Think about this. How does it apply in your business?
ASK A HIGHER POWER'Let your request be known unto God." - Philippians 4:6I totally, and absolutely, believe in the power of prayer. 'Mother Teresa of Calcutta had a dream. She told her superiors 'I have 3 pennies and a dream from God to build an orphanage.' 'Mother Teresa,' her superiors chided gently, 'you cannot build an orphanage with three pennies. With three pennies, you cannot do anything!' 'I know,' she said, smiling, 'but with God and three pennies I can do anything!'

Again, I ask you, where do your beliefs hold you back? And/or, where do your beliefs move you forward. I very much believe in the power of prayer. I very much believe in God's grace, love and support. In my business, God has been my partner - at times, when I felt very alone and challenged, I quickly recognized that I am not alone."When I pray, coincidences happen. When I don't, they don't!" - William TempleThe reason for this article today is to encourage each and every one of you. Reach deep inside. Reflect. Consider what it is you want and need in order to grow your business - in order to grow yourself - in order to best serve the people you want to serve with your gifts and talents.Recognize that you cannot do it alone. Commit to improving your 'asking' skills - and watch the difference in makes. It really is those who ask the questions who grow and succeed.

Friday, October 10, 2014

What Magic Happens When A Business Marketing Plan Comes Together?

For most business owners the key to success lies in a solid marketing plan with strong marketing tactics.A marketing plan is a blueprint that outlines a company' overall marketing efforts.There are a ton of plan templates readily available on the internet.Taking advantage of these plan templates and marketing calendars can help determine the success or failure of your business in 2015Now, what happens when a marketing plan comes together?1. You will discover who your best most important audience is and what your clients want from youHopefully you are creating and offering products and services with a specific target audience in mind.However, you may find that clients, customers and patients other than your targeted audience will also been able to benefit from what you have to offer.Understanding who your audience is a key component in marketing, sales and improving your services and/or products.2. Increases awareness of your companyMost people won't pay any attention to your company, unless they need you. They only care about themselves, it human nature.A marketing plan enables you to formulate a way to help future clients see the benefits of using your product or service. When done right, this establishes your credibility in the marketplace and hopefully solidifies your business as a reliable source.3. You will be prepared. When you have a good marketing strategy you'll be surprised at how fast your company will be able to respond to unexpected marketing and developments from your competition.

A well-written plan that covers all bases will include a projection on possible threats and detailed ways you can respond or capitalize off them. 4. Obtaining FinanceCompanies, including small businesses often need to acquire extra financing.A well-thought out business plan along with detailed marketing is evidence of good planning which could be extremely helpful in obtaining loans.Without a solid business plan and marketing strategy, even the most profitable business would have a difficult time getting financing. Free sample marketing plans are readily available online, they can serve as good examples while saving you time creating your documents.5. Save MoneyOne of the biggest benefits of a marketing strategy that your business is more likely to save money.The average marketing plan includes a set budget that will be used in your marketing efforts for the year.Yes, by outline your marketing plans, and specifying how much money is going to be used to support various marketing efforts it helps your company save a lot of money on unplanned marketing campaigns.If you and your team hasn't sat down to develop a marketing plan for the year, it's time to do so now.Start off with a marketing template to help outline your company's marketing strategies the expand from there.There are so many benefits from having a marketing plan that it would be insane to start 2015 without one.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Evoking Trust and Curiosity With Your Story

It's not a secret that the best coaches and marketers use stories to sell themselves and their services. Some resistance can show it's ugly head when we talk about developing your story. Why would anyone want to hear my story, it's boring, I'm embarrassed to share, etc. Let me share the deeper reason the pro's use not just their personal story but stories about their customers.Stories have to be the easiest way to evoke trust and curiosity to attract new clients.Stories also:Stir people's emotions
Assist in the selling process
Increase rapport
Relax your customers with humor and connectionRegardless of how you decide to connect with your new clients, the most important connection tool you have comes down to telling good stories. I share stories for so many reasons, but my favorite reason is to show my clients that I am human as well. So they can relate to where I started, where I have been and where I am headed.I'm going to share with you how to incorporate your stories. Even if you think you don't have much to share I promise you that you do. I want to share with you that stories can be used for so many things, not just personal your story, but those of your clients, and even family and friends. One of my most powerful stories that connect me to my clients, is the one where I share that there was a point a couple of years into my business that my husband asked me to go back to work. He saw me working crazy hard and not getting anywhere fast, plus he knew that I could make great money if I just went back to a corporate job. Family and friends try their hardest to protect you from the unknown. People can connect with this. The pressure was on, it would have been very easy for me to just go back to work and give up my dream completely.If I would have gone back to work at that moment I wouldn't have experienced what I call the tipping point to my success. In just a short two months from when he asked me to quit, I made my first $5,700 sale, then $6,700 then $7,500. 2 of them paid in full. It was very emotional, very moving for me. It was a game changer as well on how I teach my students to leverage their own business.Stories allow you to connect with your clients at a much deeper level but, but the #1 reason they purchase from you is based on emotion. Your story, your content, must stir some emotion (good, bad, happy) or no one is going to be moved to take action. When they are moved to take action, this is when they'll buy a good "stuff" that you offer.There are so many limiting beliefs around people not having enough money. It's an overused excuse that you may even be giving to your clients or allowing them to give up their power by saying, "Oh they just don't have any money." I want to point out that this is just an excuse as well, a smoke screen for their real problem. If someone wants something bad enough, they'll find the money to purchase it. It's your job to assist them with this. (That's another module for another day!)If you can evoke enough emotion and connect your client to the experience they desire, they'll do anything to purchase what you have.Stories also allow people to connect with you because many times your story will show your vulnerability.Communicate your story effectively and people will remember you. This is how you stand out amongst others in your field of expertise. It's part of your Unique Brilliance.Where can you fit in stories to build your business? 1. When you set the appointment2. When moving your client into purchasing3. Creating rapport4. When handling objections5. When asking for referrals6. And, most of all when you are sharing the benefits/results of your serviceWhat stories should you tell?1. Tell your personal story2. Tell your company story - why/how it developed

3. Tell stories of your happy clients4. Tell stories of clients who chose not to buy from you and now regret itHow to use stories:A great way to weave the stories into your content, website and teleseminars is bylabeling your stories. What I mean by this is this:This is where the client/customer was before they worked with me.
Here is the challenge they had ________
The service/product they purchased was ____
These are the results they have produced ______
By producing these results they have been able to ______ (Benefit of the benefit)Example of weaving a story into your sales talks:[Overcoming Objection Story] - Let me share a story about a client I worked with that had the same concern you do.
[Problem] - When I met ________ as a healer, she had a resistance to sales. She was just kind of wing it and honestly avoided it as much as possible.
[Action took -She purchased my Passion, Purpose & Profits program and dived in deep to the Connect & Serve selling section.
[What she experienced] -By being involved in the program, she overcame her resistance to sales. As a result she was able to more than quadruple her sign ups, and double her pricing making connecting and signing her clients fun and transformational.
[Result] - As a result of improving her sales skills, she was able to leverage her business, pay for her first LIVE event and move into a new home.There are many different types of stories, here are just a few:Handling Objections: Let me share a story about a client I worked with that had the same concern you do.
Rags to Riches Story: Read my personal story on my website for a great example
Story to address an objection: My client Sherry used to think that she couldn't afford coaching, but soon found out that "I can't afford it" is just an excuse for an underlying deeper fear. This is what she did to overcome...Let's talk about developing your personal story:Your personal story magnifies the power of you as a coach. "Look how far I've come!"The problem with this is that if you are not connected with your story and how powerful it is, it can come across pretty boring, which means that people can tune you out. You want to capture their attention and intrigue right from the get go.If you don't have the full attention of your guests or listeners, they may end up missing out on a big opportunity for you to help them. Your story will also connect you and your prospective clients at a much, much deeper level.Crafting your story in a way that is not only complimentary, but empowers you and creates a connection to your client is a vital piece of your marketing and is much bigger than you just sharing a part of yourself. It evokes trust and curiosity within your clients.Share your personal story and tie in the solution to the pain, paint them the rainbow, but don't give them a pot of gold. Customers are savvy people, if it's too good to be true, they'll know, so stick to what you know and just remember you only have to be one step ahead of your client to grab their hand and lead the way.I go into crafting your story in a much deeper way within my Passion, Purpose &Profits course, but this should give you a great start. Just remember, every time you speak to someone, get testimonies and comments.Have a breakthrough session, send an email instantly thanking them and ask for their experience. This is how you begin to build more stories for other areas of your business.Enjoy telling stories for anything and everything to grow your business!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Why Your Ad Spend Is a Waste of Money

It's the all-important difference between just reaching customers and actually touching them. For most of us, it's not so hard to remember the time when TV, radio, print ads, and even (God forbid) telemarketing calls were the only way to get the word out on your business. Successful marketing relied much more on the amount of money businesses are able to spend, rather than what they're trying to say - and all they kept saying was how great their products were. Being on the receiving end of these ads, you'll know it doesn't really work. Gee Ranasinha of Kexino points out, "We don't care about marketing because most marketing doesn't care about us."So, why are businesses still making the same mistake today?So many companies today, especially the "big players," spend ridiculous amounts of money for little to no return. What's more, these big spenders invariably lose to others that spend a fraction of the amount on their advertising. As Mahesh Murthy of India's Economic Times puts it, "Increasingly, a big ad spend is not a sign of brand health, but of brand illness. If your brand needs to pay to be on media and can't earn its way there by its own remark-worthiness, then you're simply not being smart enough."This isn't limited to traditional advertising media, either. With the infinite possibilities presented by the online universe, many migrate online just to keep making the same mistakes. There are countless pop ups, banners, and so many other types of ads - all being ignored, or worse, actually driving people away despite initial interest in the site.

Today, we live in what is often referred to as "The Age of Transparency." This means that whatever your marketing message, people will know the truth of it, and quick. Moreover, this also means that if you are somehow targeted by a smear campaign, you should damn well be able to prove your innocence. An article by The Guardian's Scott Monty cited the "pink slime" scandal to hit McDonald's not too long ago. In response to the alleged gross disregard to the sanctity of human food, McDonald's Canada actually posted a YouTube video showing the entire process in creating their signature nuggets. This not only disproved the smear campaign, but has so far earned almost 4.5 million views and 9,000 likes.The moral of the story?Marketing is no longer about tricking people into thinking your product is more than it is. It has returned to its proper place as a mere component in your business's overall 'machinery' (sorry for the pun). The most important aspect of your business has always been and always will be the product or service that you offer. Make it good, make it sincere, and make it something that people will want to buy. Everything else is just gravy (again, sorry).