Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How to Create a Logo That Is One of a Kind

Being a designer is never easy. You have to think of so many things before handling out the perfect picture to a client or a company. The pressure is never ending and sometimes chaos takes over. None the less, a true artist never lets the pressure ruin his creativity; they always rise on the occasion. They bring out the design and match up to the colors that they produce. Most aspiring new comers ask for what makes a designer unique and successful. The answer is simple, they always cover the basics before making a design and this is what makes them stand out from the rest. When designing something, the best practice is to follow the process. Some things to consider when designing a logo are as follows,1. Understand the brandAt the first glance, it is impossible for anyone to completely grasp on to all the information that a client provides. The best way to find all the correct and updated information is to have complete knowledge on what the brand is about. As a designer, you should know what a company does and how you can make it better. By knowing your brand, you are allowing yourself to think outside your domain of work and to establish a common line between your client and your design.2. Keep your research up to dateBy knowing the right details, you can keep yourself safe from many hurdles. By keeping yourself up to date on your clients and the recent updates on colours, design formats and typos; you can save yourself a lot of business. Most of the times, designers lose their clients by not staying up to date on the latest trends; this is one thing a designer must be completely aware of at all times.3. BrainstormNever stick to one idea. By clinging yourself to one single concept, you lose out on a million other concepts. Always keep an open mind to all options, even if they seem risky to do so. Higher risk always leads to higher returns. The best designers always have fresh talent with them to get more and more ideas out of them. These ideas make designs into something incredible. Brainstorming is one element that always makes a difference in the end product.

4. Keep it Simple and UniqueMost of the times, it is assumed that the client would be impressed if we make something complex. But we forget that not everything that is complex; will be different. The main ingredient that you are looking for should be uniqueness. Making something unique, will increase its chances of getting approved by lots and also will help you in striking an astonishing impression. Remember; keeping it simple is making it as unique as possible.5. Stay VersatileVersatility is a rare event to find in designs. Usually companies have more than one domain when it comes to their line of work. Most designers ignore the fact that this product may be representing twenty different brand lines. The first rule of knowing your brand applies here. When you know what your brand is about and what difference it will make in the market, you can make a better design that is well suited and equipped to handle different genres.6. Know your ColorsColors make the difference. By knowing what color you would use in a design makes it or breaks it. Colors have different meanings and they add to the design in total. For example, Yellow is for everything bright and optimistic, Purple is the symbol of being wise and spiritual, White is simple and pure, Orange is creative and youthful, Blue is professional and trustworthy while green is growth and organic. All of these colors add meaning to your design. These are words without letters.7. Make the design meaningfulNever make a design that does not represent your client's brand philosophy. Always use similar lines to create something outstanding and impressive. Making the logo meaningful is to create something that communicates more than words would. This is all dependent on the brilliance of the designer.

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