Monday, August 4, 2014

Logoed Bottle And Can Koozies For Business Promotions And Trade Shows

Businesses are always on the lookout for unique promotional tools. While many are exploring the field of social media, there are many who still prefer to stick with traditional methods of distributing free goodies to customers. The marketing trick of distributing promotional products is still extremely powerful for the following reasons.Given the growing competition, it has become necessary to look for ways to make yourself visible in this crowd. The physical goods are engraved with the company's name and the logo. A few also include their motto. By means of such promotional material, you can get the name of your company out in the public and thereby increase brand recognition. A few business owners add important contact information to the logo print thus making this promotional item double up as a business card. Everytime the customer uses the product, he will remember your business. The others seeing it will look it at too.When looking for the right item to give, it is important to choose one that will represent and promote your business. At the same time, it should be useful to your customers. Companies generally opt for T-shirts, stationary, backpacks and water bottles. There is yet another item business owners can consider distributing at a business or trade show. It is a logoed bottle or can koozie.For those of you not aware of what a koozie is, it is a sleeve made to insulate beverage containers. It is made of foam or fabric. You might need a koozie if you will be travelling and want to keep your beer or cold drink cold without needing a refrigerator or having to carry an ice box around. You can also use it if you want to keep your water bottle cold. They are designed such that they can keep a drink cold for almost 40 minutes to an hour.

Logoed Water bottles and can koozies are a good option because owing to its low cost it suits small businesses with a tight budget. Also, since water bottles are something people carry with them always, you can stay in the minds of your customers always. It can be a great takeaway if you own a storefront too. Along with giving it as a freebie, you can also sell logoed water bottle koozies to customers at a subsidized price.In order to create custom water bottle koozies to represent and promote your business, you will need to work with a designer that specializes in logo imprinting on physical goods. If you already have a business logo, you can work with the graphic designer to design it to fit the water bottle perfectly. If you have do not have a company logo, the designer will design an attractive one for you.Graphic designers specializing in custom water bottle koozie production offer a wide variety of services. Along with imprinting the artwork on the item of your choice, they also have a stock of items you can choose from. When it comes to shopping for koozies, there is an assortment to choose from. They are made in different sizes and of different materials namely foam, neoprene, polyester and paper. You can also choose from among collapsible and indestructible designs. It might cost you a little more, but use quality products.If you are planning to create logoed water bottle koozies for your business promotional campaign, make sure that you choose a reliable designer to work with. Ask to see a sample, before you place a bulk to judge the quality of work and also make any last minute modifications if needed.

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